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The last bastion against Undertale's onslaught


Pursuant to FAQ #913 and FAQ #303, any individual found to be a fan of 'Undertale' and knowingly and willfully—

(i) Defames the group; or

(ii) Harasses persons associated with the group on the group page; or

(iii) Harasses persons associated with the group on their own pages

commits an offense of trespassing against the group. An offense under this section shall be punished by hiding of the offensive comments and blocking of the offensive individual.

Discussions of other media/fandoms
Discussions of non-Undertale media/fandoms are expressly prohibited unless they are involved in a direct comparison with Undertale.

Group Info

This is a group for those who are tired of seeing the obsession revolving around the game "Undertale". If you dislike the game, are a fan who dislikes/hates the fandom, or are just tired of seeing it all over the place, then this group is for you!

Join requests are approved automatically!

Check out our chat room here: #SickOfUndertaleChat

NOTE: The views held by this group are our own personal opinion of the game/fandom. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you enjoy the game, do so to your heart's content. But please, don't be a jerk. It just makes you look immature. This goes for everyone: both fans and not-fans.
Founded 1 Year ago
Nov 7, 2015


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329 Members
333 Watchers
85,749 Pageviews
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exactly what im thinking :iconyozen-frogurt:yozen-frogurt 6 22 Expand Dong 18: Undertale :iconbonzi-m8:Bonzi-m8 47 52
Undertale RANT
Undertale. It's the new FNAF. And it HARDLY deserves the attention it deserves. Look, if you're an Undertale fan and you think i'm a ''HATER'' or something, than close this tab NOW. I would rather not be attacked by a huge wave of fanboys, thanks. Anyway, let's continue. I really think that Undertale was competently put together. Making an RPG isn't exactly an easy task. And the fact that he made it by himself is rather impressive. The beef i have with it, though, is all of the gimmicks. For one, there's the whole ''Emotional'' aspect of it. Seriously, if the only way to get the good ending in a game is by not killing anybody....THAN WHY EVEN HAVE A FIGHTING SYSTEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!?! It makes no sense to me. The other big beef i have with it is the graphics. Now, i know what you're thinking: ''GRAPHICS DON'T MAKE A GAME GOOD, IDIOT!'' Yes, yes. I know. It's just the whole ''WHOAH ITS EIGHT BIT SO IT'S RETRO AND COOL WOAH'' thing seems like a huge joke. Making a game 8-bit doesn't
:iconfuckyourfanbase:FuckYourFanbase 35 245
Undertale Rant
Okay, I'm not trying to be offensive but let's be honest, Undertale fans are so idiotic and annoying. 
Like for those who have clicked the link to our group, and actually said something, why? Clearly the link to our group says, "Sick of Undertale" if you hate the group because they created something hating you like, why go to the group and try to defend your game? It's not like you're gonna change our opinions. We clearly hate the game, you can't try to change our opinion about the game. It's so dumb how every Salty Undertale fan who came to look at the group was like, "OH YOU HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED THE GAME." Well it's because we don't want to because of you people. Trying to force someone into playing something is just gonna make them dislike it even more. 
I might have actually liked it if I hadn't seen it everywhere and wasn't forced to watch it.
Dear God I was pestered and felt compelled to watch it and if I didn't I was missing out on something.
Truth be
:iconceruleanedge:CeruleanEdge 21 56
Fucking Tumblrtale :icons-t-a-m-p-s:s-t-a-m-p-s 57 0 Blundertale: an anti-Undertale Stamp :iconnintendosegafreak:NintendoSegaFreak 149 1,219
so what i miss?
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Our allies in the fight
:icontheantisansfangirls: TheAntiSansFangirls Really guys, shipping skeletons? :iconanti-touhou-cancer: Anti-Touhou-Cancer :iconwe-hate-fanbases: We-Hate-Fanbases

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Shinywolf Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
It's kinda sad that the activity of the group is almost gone, but at least this is a sign that the Undertale fandom as calmed down.

However, in case there will be an Undertale 2 (hopefully not!), we shall be ready for that!
LoloThePenguin Featured By Owner 1 day ago
here something that better than undertale

:iconmarioplz: : our games are better than undertale
:iconluigiplz: : nice one Mario
:iconmarioplz: and :iconluigiplz:  :  play our games , and you won't be disappointed

Night in the Woods - Hype : you can also play Resident Evil , and Night in the Woods
Bob-The-Meme-thing Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
uhhhh guys... we still have the roblox fandom to deal with.:( (Sad) 
Marri-Nekos Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I supose we won the war agasint it?I mean,the fandom is almost dead,I supose we did it then lol
lolman383 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
shadowthephoenix1 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Just like the comment below says, i too am leaving the group

There really just isn't a reason for me to be here anymore, considering how much the fanbase has calmed down. Plus all the notifications are clogging up my shit. (am im kinda really fucking sick of seeing hate art)
Halgalaz Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
same here lol
Pokemonfan571 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
i am gona leave this group.
TBH, i think Undertale is a fine game, and i belive its stupid to hate on things like 24/7
shadowthephoenix1 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Tbh i was thinking about it too. I only was really here for the fanbase, and now that the fanbase has tamed i really dont care anymore.
It's the fanbase i really hate, sure i hate the game too, but i wouldn't join a group over the game alone.

So i support your decision fully.
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